Tsunami is the marine themed pseudonym for Carmen Insua Trabadelo, a talented international DJ and producer that has continued to impact the electronic music scene for over two decades. As the name aptly suggests, this Argentinian born, Spanish resident is a veritable tidal wave of quality sound that actively engulfs both dancefloors and radio waves globally. With a resounding passion for all things creative, Tsunami engages through art, music, emotion and dance.

Living on the world’s most important electronic stage that’s Ibiza has heavily influenced her sound and rise secure her profile, in the islands many clubs, private events and festivals all championing her style that showcases forays into Nu-Jazz, World Music, Chillout, Trip-Hop and Electronic Dance environments. Captivated by the eclectic soundscapes and inherent tribal rhythms after moving to the white isle, she fluidly alternates between the prominent superclubs and abundant outdoor parties.



Carmen es una gran persona que sabe expresarse perfectamente a través de música por su experiencia y larga trayectoria, tiene una gran variedad de estilos de donde escoger para alimentar un set. Ultimamente se define mas por la música de pista tipo House muy elegante, siempre lejos de lo comercial y con gran calidad.

Carmen is a great person who knows how to express herself perfectly through music by her life experience and long career. She uses a great variety of styles to influence her sets. Lately it is defined more by the dance floor, with a very elegant House feeling. Always away from the commercial and with great quality.

Andy Dub Magazine – Hoffer 66

Una DJ de Pura Sangre que vive la música con gran pasión.
Una todoterreno, pues puede pinchar sets de diferentes estilos aunque se inclina más por la música electrónica House más puntera, por su gran sentido del ritmo y su visión a la hora de animar una pista de baile.

A high calibre DJ who lives music, with great passion! She can play sets of many different styles, with an inclination for the latest electronic house music. With great feeling and vision she takes people through a journey on the dance floor.

JOSE PADILLA – father of chill-out & Café del Mar